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Who we are ?

Who we are:


Twenty five years ago, Karamadan Hampa Co. was established with the main idea to cover the weak technical points in the household appliances field in general and refrigerators in special. To fulfill this task, we are proud of oue qualified engineering team.


Our main expertise fields are:


  • Refrigeration
  • Foam
  • Leak detection


From fifteen years ago, we approached automotive field and soon gained the same success we had in other previous sectors.

To improve the technical knowledge of customers, a technical training center was established inside the group where basic and advanced courses on related topics are available. Some printed documents would cover the theoretical and practical aspects of the applications in negotiation. 

Having a workshop for manufacturing some parts and machinery was a successful idea to attract more customers to our technical facilities. Now two production halls with 2200 sq. meters located in Saveh industrial zone is backing up our activities. 

Being very successful in Iran, we gradually started to move outside Iran by offering technical assistances to other neighboring countries in same field. Pakistan was the first place, where few different installations were done by our team. In a further step, the territory was expanded to all Middle East and other countries like Turkey, Afghanistan Azerbaiejan, South Africa and Brazil.

Whole group consists of around 45 people with different expertise.


Office equipment:

All special tools needed for repair for the existing machinery are in house, from Siemens PG for PLCs till special manifold for re-charging hydraulic accumulators. All necessary tools for repair of mixing heads are also available.


Technical/Consultancy services abroad:

Our expertise is approved by our foreign partners, so we are entitled to also offer technical services outside Iran.

We have also records of consultancy projects with international institutions like GIZ for CFC phase out projects outside Iran. 


Office in Tehran:

Our office in Tehran is a three floor independent office in 240 sq.m, where one floor is dedicated to our training center, in which all interested customers will be invited to enjoy the training courses in multi media, samples of produced parts will also be available to be seen. All repairs except delicate ones like electronics will be handled either on customer’s site or in our workshop, we will only keep spare parts in the office.



Frequency of regular/on call visits to sites of customers:

With some customers we have fixed maintenance contracts, where we are obliged to pay visits to them at fixed intervals, independent of needing a repair or to make just a preventive maintenance visit. Based on situation this interval will be fixed. 

With others whom we do not have a fixed contract, our intervention is planned based on their call. 

This means that we have very live presence in the field, so we are able to gather information needed fast and reliable.

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